Monday, January 15, 2007

Trekked and back

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! We are now back in Kampala after heading to Rwanda to trek the gorillas. Lucky me got to trek them on my birthday so it's definitely one I'll remember!

The trip to and through Rwanda was amazing. We managed to visit the genocide museum in Rwanda which was very interesting. Also managed to visit the actual hotel from Hotel Rwanda. It's such a beautiful country and I'm still amazed at what they went through just 12 years ago. We'll have to go back again someday.

The roads through Uganda were a little crazy though as we had to go through these hills/mountains on dirt rutted roads. I was sure we were going to fall off the cliff multiple times. I didn't realize we would be hitting terrain like this! It didn't help that we saw 3 big trucks tip over the cliff. Glad that is over with.

Seeing the gorillas was fantastic. Our group was 'lucky' enough to have a blackback (second in line to the silver back) who was extremely friendly and came after 2 in our group! We didn't think he was going to let one of them go. We'll have to show the footage when we get a chance. The silverback was massive and very impressive. We were supposed to stay a distance of 7 metres from them but we were usually much closer. It was a little intimidating but very cool.

We'll be heading to the Masai Mara in the next couple days and then back to Nairobi!


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