Friday, December 29, 2006

Inspiring individuals

We've met some pretty interesting individuals on our journey but I must say the travellers we've met in Africa have really impressed us. Up to this point, we've mostly met travellers like us who have taken some time off from whatever it is they were doing back home to explore the other parts of the world a little.

Here, in this short while in Africa, we've managed to meet a few individuals who are spending their time working for humanitarian efforts and volunteering their time for a couple years to better this region of the world. It's amazing to hear the journeys they've had and the situations they've gone through.

For instance, this guy we met from Denmark is volunteering in northern Uganda, near Sudan. I asked him if he ever felt like he was in danger and he said, not really but sometimes you hear gun shots going off around you. Hmm.. sounds kinda scary to me! He said he had to go through some pretty intensive training and orientation before being admitted into this volunteer opportunity. They would simulate real life situations such as dealing with difficult soldiers at border crossings, having to spend a day hiking to a refugee camp with different scenarios happening around you, or experience a kidnapping. All this to find out if you can handle the stress that comes with working in these conditions. Amazing.

It's been really inspiring meeting these travellers here. I wish them all the best and much success with the causes they've been working for.


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