Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Africa hot???

We're now in Kenya and it's been a pretty good trip so far. We're getting used to the go go go situation and we just picked up a new group a couple days ago and they're pretty good to hang out with.

It turns out the Masai Mara Reserve was closed due to flooding so they have reversed our itinerary around. We went to the Lake Nakuru national park today for more game driving and managed to see more rhinos, giraffes, zebras, etc. etc. Unfortunately, no simbas or elephants. :( Yesterday, we rode bikes into the Hell's gate national park as well and saw a family of baby giraffes nearby.

A few zebras came running up to us though but stopped as soon as they realized we were humans and ran like crazy! :D I was a little concerned about the buffalos that were in the park as we've heard of friends of friends who had been chased by them! All was well though and it was good to get a work out again.

So, back to the title of my blog. In all my previous life, I had always thought Africa was HOT HOT HOT (with the except of Kili). When booking this trip, we had read that it could get quite cold at the rim of the crater since we were quite high up. In the 3 weeks that we've been in Africa, only half of it has been hot! Ever since we've been at the Serengeti, the nights have been chilly! It gets down to about 13C which doesn't sound that cold but when you're sleeping in a tent with a super light sleeping bag, it's COLD! Thank goodness we've had the privilege of warm showers in the last little while. We'll be heading to Uganda tomorrow and apparently it's cold and wet there! Fantastic. I can't complain about the days though as they do get quite hot here. It almost feels like we're in a desert with the great amounts of fluctuation. We'll be crossing the equator for the first time tomorrow which is quite exciting!!


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