Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gorilla Trekking

We'll be heading into Uganda tomorrow as it's our base for gorilla trekking. Originally, we were supposed to go into the Congo to trek but we recently heard that they might be moving us over to Rwanda since the fighting in Congo has come down to the areas where the company usually treks.

We had heard that there are LOTS of trekkers in Rwanda and it might be hard to get a permit for everyone which would be really unfortunate since this is one of the highlights of the trip. Our trip leader told us today that they're still talking to Congo and will soon let us know where they're trekking. I don't know about everyone else but this seems a little worrisome to me if there is still fighting in the vicinity and there is still consideration of going in there. I do know the company will not put anyone in danger but I don't really understand how the fighting has moved on so quickly. We've also heard a lot about fighting going on north of here in Somalia. So far, nothing of that sort is really affecting Kenya except for the fact that it's a highly corrupt country. Corruption we can deal with. :)

The next time we blog, we'll probably already have seen the gorillas so we'll let you all know how it went!


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