Friday, January 05, 2007

Game Driving

We've been with our safari group for about a week now. It's been okay so far but I don't think we'll do another packaged tour like this again. The group is pretty good but it's been hard for us to adjust to such a strict schedule with the group. There has also been lots of tourist shopping stops which just adds to the frustration. (Newton, do it on your own, it seems easy enough to get around in Eastern Africa on your own.)

So far, we've hit the Serengeti and the Ngorogoro Crater and unfortunately, it has been somewhat of a disappointment for both of us. We've heard so much hype about the sheer number and the proximity of animals you would see on these game drives that we expected so much more. The Serengeti was quite empty. We did manage to see the Big 5 including some which are apparently quite hard to see (Rhino, Cheetah, and Leopard) but the last was so far away you could barely see it with binoculars. Again, maybe our expectations were too high but it looks like we're not the only ones who came away disappointed overall. The scenery was quite beautiful though.

We're heading into Nairobi today and hopefully will be going to the Masai Mara reserve in the next couple days. Unfortunately for us, we've heard it's been closed because of heavy rainfall and a bridge washed away. Sigh. It's not supposed to be raining this much this time of year but the weather has apparently been quite strange here recently. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

We won't be posting any photos for a while as internet access for us is sparse. We'll try to blog when we can though!


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