Thursday, December 28, 2006


While we were here in Zanzibar, we decided to join the highly recommended spice tour. The tour takes you out to the villages of Zanizibar island where you see the local spices being grown. The tour was interesting overall but I think the initial hype was a little too high.

We saw the clove trees and found out that the farmers have to sell their crop to the government. Unfortunately, they only get 3000Sh/kg. That's basically $3CDN! Cloves aren't heavy either so they'll need a ton! Of course, this means some of it ends up on the black market but apparently the consequences are quite high if you do get caught.

We also saw the tree that grows leaves for the "quine" family malaria pills. The locals use it for malaria prevention and cure as well by making tea with the leaves.
The guide also cut off pieces of bark from a cinnamon tree which was a nice reminder of Christmas at home.

The tour ended with a nice sampling of local fruit and a yummy lunch.


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