Thursday, December 28, 2006

Underwater world

Every time we went to an island, we always thought about snorkelling but found some lame excuse not to go. After our first experience yesterday, I'm totally kicking myself for not trying it sooner!

We were both initially worried because swimming in the open sea is a little daunting for me so the guy assured us that he'd give us floaty devices (which ended up being life jackets). :P Sure, I felt a little silly but was much more comfortable in the water with it on.

It was a beautiful day but the sea was quite choppy. Luckily, they had some pills available for the sea sick weaklings among us. I was sure glad I took the pill but still felt a little quesy out there. Once we got into the water though, it was awesome. The first site we snorkelled at was just okay. It wasn't as colourful as I had imagined and the visibility wasn't great. I was also having some probems figuring out how to use the snorkelling gear and fins. Some introduction would have been nice but hey, why not jump in, swalled a ton of saltwater and figure it out for yourself. :D

The second site was totally amazing. I felt like we were in one of those huge aquariums you see. The water was turquoise and the ocean life was beautiful! Everything was colourful and we saw some pretty amazing things. A couple stingrays hiding behind coral, I was a little scared but they just stayed there. Saw a couple large jelly fishes as well and freaked! I was trying my hardest to swim away from them. There were tons of little ones though where you had no choice but to swim through them. They stung bad but we recovered okay. Lots and lots of sea urchins which were actually quite cute from our angle but definitely didn't want to get too close! We also managed to sea a "ship wreck". It was more like a boat but cool nonetheless.

To anyone who hasn't snorkelled and considering it, try it! It was so amazing being exposed to this underwater world!


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