Friday, April 14, 2006

Don't shoot!!

We booked a day trip around Erhai Lake since it's too massive to bike around (would have been about 116 kms .... again too old) with a couple Amercian guys we had met previously. We had a driver (Mr. Ing), a guide who spoke English (Harry) (hard to come by) and our 7 seater minivan.

Getting out of the city was an adventure in itself. Since this festival is on, it's quite difficult for vehicles to onto many of the roads as they are reserved. Mr Ing. managed to get a hold of a festival pass (basically a piece of paper) and stuck it on his windshield. As we got onto a street, this army guy tried to stop the car but Mr. Ing kept going! I was thinking maybe we should duck in case he opened fire!! We didn't get too far though because there were a couple army guys and a cop at the end of the street and they stood right in the middle of the road. After some talk, they let us through. Harry told us that if we didn't have the pass, we would have had to pay lots.

We thought we were cleared at this point but nope. Just a couple minutes later on another road, we got stopped again by festival officials. Two army guys and the festival dude asked to see our pass. Apparently they had found a fake pass just earlier. After some inspection we were finally on our way ... that was enough excitement for the day.


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