Thursday, April 06, 2006

Guilin ... it's overrated

We came to Guilin because we've heard so many rave about it. Unfortunately, that might have set our expectations a little too high. Coming from Yangshuo probably doesn't help either as Yangshuo does visually surpase Guilin.

In our two days here we've walked/bussed it too all the major sites within and have not been impressed. Of course, it probably didn't help that we were too cheap to go into the sites themselves either. :)

We're ready to move on though. Tomorrow morning we're on the train to Kunming... 22 hours (yikes). Hopefully it won't be too crowded. We'll be in touch again in a couple days!


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous felix said...

sounds like you guys are starting to get acclimatized! i went to guilin when i was really young... all i remember was all these mountains they kept saying looked like animals... so i thought, wow, these chinese people have nothing to do other than look at mountains and pretend they look like animals!

i can't wait to hear your dispatches from kunming! i ran into a bunch of students who i hung out with in beijing one night, and they told me that after travelling throughout china, kunming was their favourite place -- beauty, culture, etc. not to hype it up of course... ; )

At 6:15 AM, Blogger Jenni said...

hahaha, it's so true! they have the weirdest names for some of these mountains like man and boy flying kite or 7 super naturals floating around ... we were saying these guys have pretty good imaginations because we still can't make them out. i created one of my own when i saw this mountain but i don't think they'd approve :P

so about Kunming, unforunately our reviews don't live up to those of the students you met. it is beautiful from a modern city perspective but that was about it. it turned out to be a little dull with the exception of this really cool market we went through which sold everything from plants to pipes and tobacco to kittens/puppies (very sad) to plants. lots of interesting stuff.


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