Monday, April 10, 2006

Now in Old Dali City

We just arrived in Old Dali City today... looks like an amazing place. Again, surrounded by beautiful mountains and this old city is enclosed by stoned walls. Huge touristy area though but I think we'll be able to spend a few days here biking out to the areas surrounding Dali.

It was a fun experience getting to this city too. We were dropped off in Xiaguan which is the new Dali city and it's 30 mins from the old. We knew which bus we had to take so we tried to find it and had an older American couple following us since we looked like we knew where we were going (they had a lot of faith in us). Poor them, we dragged them down this street with their luggage on wheels and hopped onto a bus without asking if it was going where we thought it would be. All of us standing on a crowded local bus managed to get to the old city 30 minutes later. :)

Funny too, we ended up running into two backpackers here we met in other cities. This looks like the place to be.


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