Friday, April 14, 2006

Festivals and Mountains

Old Dali City has just been absolutely amazing. We are lucky enough to have come just in time for the Third Moon Fair which is basically a massive festive market with people from all over the Yunnan province coming in to buy and sell goods. We managed to catch the opening ceremonies which included dancing and some good ol' horse racing. It was very cool.

That same day we took a chairlift up Zhonge Mountain (@ 2600m) and did an 11km hike across. Wow! Absolutely amazing scenery but also quite terrifying if you're not so fond of heights (as you can see from Ian's blog). Suprisingly, the path was completely done up. It was a nice cobbled stone path with metal railings where needed. The path itself went through insane valleys with dramatic cliff dropoffs to a walk in the woods (weirdly similar to Algonquin).

Along our hike, we visited the Seven Dragon Daughter Pool. Beautiful but man are Ian and I old and wimpy. We're slowly ascending these 'steps' carved into the stone and you see these kids running up and down them. *sigh*


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