Saturday, April 01, 2006

Moon Hill

Took a bike ride out to Moon Hill (photo to the right) today. It started out without much excitement as we were following many other bikers heading towards what we thought was the same destination. They all ended up turning up a dirt road and we followed. It was actually pretty cool as it passed through many local villages and rice terraces. Unfortunately, we were headed in the wrong direction and since it was a country road and it has been raining, we got pretty muddy. You'll probably see a shot of our shoes on Ian's blog.

Turned around, found our way back onto the highway, found Moon Hill, and started our hike! According to LP, it's 1251 steps. It was painful... but we made it to the top! Photo on the left shows Moon Hill village and apparently a 1500 year old Banyan tree (not sure where it was though). Now, I'm very, very, very sore but we might try to head out to check out the night scene here tonight.


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