Thursday, April 06, 2006

8 Yuan for tea and peanuts!

We're getting better at the bargaining thing. We managed to knock down our hotel price among a couple other things. Then we decided to eat in this restaurant one night to try the infamous Guilin Rice Noodles. 18 Yuan for one dish! A little bit of a rip off considering we can both eat dinner in a local stall for 9 Yuan (about $1.30 cdn). Despite the high price, we wanted to try it. Then the bill comes and there is this mysterious 8 Yuan on it. I asked what it was for and they said it was for the tea and peanuts which had just appeared in the beginning of our meal without us asking for it. Usually these things are free. So I told them we didn't order it and she didn't seem to budge. After a while, she actually said 'Ok, no pay 8 Yuan'. Yes! Victory :D Now I call that street 'Rip off street'.


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