Friday, March 31, 2006

Can you possibly honk any more???

Our bus ride to Yangshuo started out to be quite nice. It was a fairly new comfy plush bus. Then the 2nd driver got behind the wheel AND we found out what we thought was a 7.5 hour journey was actually more like 10.5. If it was a direct route, it is 334kms from Guangzhou to Yangshuo.

We thought we were lucky enough to get seats close to the front since our last bus ride at the back was very bumpy. This time we realized you see and hear way more than you want to at the front. Holy smokes... this guy absolutely loved his horn (and trust us, this was no dinky little horn, it was a more like a GET OUT OF MY WAY kinda horn). Yep.. and we heard everyone one, loud and clear.

This is an example of how he would use his horn. As you know by now, the highways or streets are never empty. So let's say on our journey, you saw some moving object every 200 metres. This guy would start honking about 100 metres before we get to that object and then maybe 50 metres after that... almost continously. Sometimes, I don't even know what he's honking at.. I see maybe some guy on the OTHER side of the road minding his own business and he would honk. Seriously guy, what's your problem?

And then ... there's the passing scenarios. We're on single lane highways or roads for the most part and continously passing because these mack trucks don't go pass first gear here (or so it seems). Think they follow the passing lines here? No would be the right answer. They pass whenever they think it's safe (which is always). So here we are on a blind corner and this guy is passing this 18 wheeler. Great. And guess what we see on the other lane coming towards us? Yep! Another big truck! So this bus which has passed about half of the truck by now brakes tries to get behind the truck again. Just makes it as the oncoming truck passes us. Many many close calls like that. Amazing we made it here alive. It's not like they pass quickly either.. they get in the oncoming traffic lane and take their sweet old time passing. Dude, the gas pedal is on the right, accelerate!! Trust us, we would have taken the train here if we could have. Unfortunately, we'll have to take another bus out of here but it should only be an hour or two (we hope).

Despite all the frustrations, the scenery from the bus was nice. Some bus shots, not the greatest but does the job.


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