Monday, January 29, 2007

Giraffe Sanctuary

Still on the animal theme, we also visited the giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi. It was pretty cool because you stand on this platform so you're at eye level with them and you feed them. You can also get a kiss by putting a pellet in your mouse. Their tongues are really slimey so the kiss wasn't pleasant but giraffes are beautiful animals so I'm not complaining.


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with these photos. My dream one day before I die is to spend some time with giraffes in their own surroundings. I have a collection of approximately 3,000 giraffes, my guest bedroom is "giraffe" theme. I have also come across several tapes & CDs. The giraffe is the most beautiful animal created by God. Thank you for sharing your pictures.


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