Thursday, November 30, 2006

Petaling Street

We were down in Petaling Street recently to do some shopping. Petaling Street is actually a tourist attraction where you can shop and bargain hard for a favourite "Prada", "Gucci", "LV", "Mont Blanc", etc, etc. You get the point. The quality is surprisingly good, imitation has come a long way in the last decade. I remember when I was back in '94, Calvin Klein would be spelled, Kelvin Kline, or something to that effect. Today, you wouldn't be able to tell unless you seriously inspect it.

So, I got myself a new set of sunglasses ... "Prada" baby! Yeah, I know, they're like Paris glasses, but I love 'em.

You can also get your share of movies, anything you want, here. It's funny because there will be cops coming through once in a while and all you see is these stalls dispersing quickly, and once the cops past, they all come back out again. This country, I tell ya! Here is a video of cars trying to get by some movie stalls.

There is also your share of yummy snacks everywhere!


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