Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We made it!

Yay! We made it through our 20 hour express sleeper bus ride (the regs were 25 hours!) through the desert in one piece. Surprisingly, it was fairly comfortable but the lack of a washroom on the bus made it a little more challenging. We both had the help of Immodium for the ride which was a blessing as our washroom stops consisted for the most part of walking into the desert, finding a free spot and going. It was lovely.

On the way, we saw a sleeper run off the road. We think it might have been the bus that left before ours.

The views of the Taklamakan desert from the bus were amazing though. All you see is a sea of dunes in all directions.

They have also planted reefs along the sides of the road to keep the sand from blowing onto the road. There are hoses all the way along the road by the reefs to keep they alive. These hoses are fed by tanks placed every 10-15 kms or so by little huts where one or two workers live and work ... what a job.

Once we arrived in Urumqi at 9 in the morning, we bought another ticket out to Turpan (since we decided to skip the lake trip) and left 20 minutes later on another bus. Thank goodness this trip was only 2.5 hours.


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