Monday, June 12, 2006

It's still surreal

After travelling for 3 months, I've gotten used to being in new environments often and have taken it all as part of life. Sometimes, it's almost like taking it for granted and being a little annoyed at our surroundings, whether it's the lack of comfort or hygiene of those around us.

One day, we were on a rickety old bus travelling through the monotonous landscape of the desert. I was rather uncomfortable as the seats were old and I was constantly falling off. There were a few old men in the back seat behind us coughing and it was hot. I closed my eyes to try and get some rest and started thinking back to the days before our journey and how excited I was to experience everything. One of the images I had then was sitting on a rickety old bus with a bunch of locals. I opened my eyes just then and realized this was exactly what I was looking forward to and couldn't help but smile. It was perfect.

We tend to forget sometimes how lucky we are to be where we are as we deal with the everyday logistics of travelling. Sometimes, it's still hard to believe we are here and living the dream.


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