Friday, June 09, 2006

Urumqi and now Kashgar

Turns out our train to Urumqi was air conditioned and quite comfortable! We only stayed in the city for a couple days to rest up before getting on a 23 hour train journey to Kashgar for the visa renewal. Not much in Urumqi but we'll be heading back to do a trip up to a popular lake up north.

We decided we would splurge this time and try out a soft sleeper since this would be one of the longer train rides. Three words "Not worth it". Feels like less room because you are enclosed in a room and this time, you're locked in with complete strangers!

We passed some beautiful scenery on the ride though!

Unlike Urumqi, Kashgar's old town still retains much of its tradition. It's fantastic being here! I feel like I'm trapped in the past. So much is still produced by hand and there's a mosque here dating back to 1442 (will visit this afternoon). Aside from the outright discrimination we experienced in the beginning (read Ian's blog), I love being here. It feels like we're in a whole different country. The people are interesting and the food is amazing! There's gotta be something said about the influence of central asian on chinese food. Some remind me of Malaysian food ... YUMMY!

Oh! BTW, we got our renewal for another month!


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