Saturday, June 17, 2006

Carpets & Jade

At our last stop on the southern silk road in Hotan, we found our way to a local carpet factory to check out how they make this stuff. It was pretty cool. We just walked in and observed the traditional way of making carpets. Nothing appears to have changed from past photos we had seen on the walls.

Walking back from the factory, we passed the Jade Dragon River where locals frequent looking for precious stones, mainly jade. We thought we would test our luck out as well and went on our jade expeditition. Unfortunately, we have no clue what raw jade looks like and thought anything green would be it! :D We ran into some guys who tried to sell us small white stones so I guess those were precious as well.

Any gemstone experts out there who can tell us if any of this is real jade?? Yah, they look like rocks, but I swear there must be a real one in there somewhere.


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