Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mogao caves

After a couple days in bed recovering from a bad tummy bug, we were finally able to head out to see the sights of Dunhuang. There are quite a few tourist outings here but we heeded the advice of many travelers before us and focused our energy on the Mogao caves and a trip out to the dunes。

The Mogao caves come with a steep entrance fee (120Y)but were well worth it. It contains some of the most treasured and amazing relics we've seen in China so far. Many of the caves we saw were built as early as the 4th century and some of the art inside was still amazingly quite well preserved. They have hundreds of caves there but you only see 10 of 20 caves open to tourists.

The ever so reliable LP (affectionately known as Lying Planet) mentioned that all surroundings are restricted from photography so we didn't bother bringing our cameras. To our not so pleasant surprise, we could have taken photos of the exterior which was pretty cool on its own. What can you do. Here are some photos from travel china guide so you can see what it looks like. Very cool and highly recommended!


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