Friday, March 24, 2006

Rain, rain, go away ...

It's been raining fo 2 days straight now... lovely weather we're getting. I had to buy an extra pair of pants since living on two was quite trying. Since the weather has been so absolutely wonderful, we decided to skip a trip out of town today and went for a stroll around Ang Po (town my relatives live in, about 15 minutes away from Shantou) instead, especially since all the mountains are cloud covered anyways.

The stroll was nice though, we went looking for the house my grandmother was born in. It is located in a district within Ang Po called Waiwen. It was quite amusing as we didn't have an address and my uncles and mom were going by memory. Needless to say, we didn't find it. The excursion itself was interesting though as this district had a super small town mentality. We were the excitement of the day. Everyone wanted to know what we were looking for. We had many locals try and help us find the place to no avail unfortunately. I did get photos of a couple potentials houses.. they're all over a hundred years old.

Other than that, we've still been eating a LOT. My body can't handle all this eating. I know I shouldn't complain and I'm very grateful but it's just too much for me. Ended up not feeling so well today and had to rest for the rest of the afternoon. The food in this district is a little different. Much more fried stuff (not my personal favs) . Oh .. and we saw many live chickens which we dutifully stayed away from. We also saw a guy skinning live snakes in front of the restaurant we ate in. Mmmmm..mmmm.. good.


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