Tuesday, March 21, 2006


We've been in Dongguan visiting my mom's cousin and his family for the last 3 days. It's been quite hectic. They've been kind enough to take us everywhere and have fed us very very well.

Since we've been here, we've been to Humen to visit the grounds of the Opium war (photo to the right) where they had an anti-drug exhibit within the Sea Battle museum. It was an interesting exhibit .. lots of propoganda. We also went to ZhaoQing (where Ian's dad is from). Very scenic area. Dinghu Mountain where it's praised as the "Natural Oxygen Bar", a nearby temple where my mom and her cousin prayed, and the Seven Star Crags Park surrounded by 7 limestone peaks.

The trip to ZhaoQing was quite the experience. My uncle (mom's cousin) has a personal driver who drove the 2 hours to ZhaoQing. Apparently, he didn't sleep much the night before because he was totally falling asleep at the wheel on the highway. Nice. I was freaking out! I can't believe Ian stayed calm through it all. Somehow, he managed to get us all there in one piece. My uncle then told him to sleep in the car while we visited the sites :)

Once we reached Dinghu Mountain, we were welcomed with baracades and women yelling at us from the sidewalks. Found out later that we had to eat at the nearby restaurant in order to gain access to the Mountain. And those women yelling, they were all tour guides wanting to take us around. So guess what, we ended up getting one and I didn't understand anything she was saying :).

The lunch at the restaurant was interesting though, ended up eating frog's legs and turtles.. they were actually quite tasty! We've also had Hakka and Mongolian food in the short while we've been in Dongguan. LOTS of good food! Interestingly as well, we've been put into private rooms at most restaurants with TVs! I think it's a way to show wealth and status around here... and you guys thought we wouldn't be eating well ;)


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