Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meet Chilli Padi

OK, his real name is actually Chilli but why not Chilli Padi. Chilli seemed to suit him well, one of my dad's favourite spice. This was our mission today, to find my dad a little kitty.

We made it out to the local SPCA without too much trouble. Ian's getting good at navigating the city in the little Kancil (local made car) nowadays. We are lucky too since it's the Hari Raya holidays right now and many KL city dwellers have gone back home to be with their families. Because of this, the roads are fairly empty.

The SPCA had quite a few animals there, mostly dogs and cats, and a few rabbits. It was a little sad as most of the animals looked quite sick. They had a liter of kittens there with their mom but all of them looked frail and had colds :(. We then saw 3 siblings together in another cage, 2 and a half months old and all looked quite healthy. We played with them for a while and since my dad wanted a fiesty little fella, we brought Chilli home.

Chilli has been adjusting well very quickly. He was playing around in the car on the way home and has been jumping around like a maniac at home. Reminds me of another black kitty I know. :) When he sleeps though, there's no waking him up. We're pushing and pulling him, the phone rings, nothing.. not a movement.

Cute little fella. He'll be good company for my dad, independent yet affectionate.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Life in Malaysia

Ian and I have now been in Malaysia for about 3 weeks since returning from India. Our days have been busy with household chores and such (we've actually learned to cook some healthy meals!) and adjusting to M'sian life while we are here.

It's interesting to learn about life here again after leaving this country 18 years ago. For one, it's definitely not as structured and shall we say straightforward as Canada. There is also a lot more crime than I remember, many in broad daylight as well. The local paper here has a comic titled 'Kee's world' and it cleverly depicts the trials and tribulations Malaysians are facing today.

Links below will take you to a few of my favourites. Enjoy!

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