Friday, October 13, 2006

Life in Malaysia

Ian and I have now been in Malaysia for about 3 weeks since returning from India. Our days have been busy with household chores and such (we've actually learned to cook some healthy meals!) and adjusting to M'sian life while we are here.

It's interesting to learn about life here again after leaving this country 18 years ago. For one, it's definitely not as structured and shall we say straightforward as Canada. There is also a lot more crime than I remember, many in broad daylight as well. The local paper here has a comic titled 'Kee's world' and it cleverly depicts the trials and tribulations Malaysians are facing today.

Links below will take you to a few of my favourites. Enjoy!

  1. Watch the latest movies in the comfort of your own home
  2. Snatch thieves and robbers galore
  3. Traffic in Malaysia
  4. Crazy haze days due to forest fires in Indonesia
  5. Quick solutions

Oh ... and India photos are posted on the right.


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