Friday, March 10, 2006

Little Spaz

Poor poor Spazzy. It's been trying finding this little guy a new home. Not sure what it is but we're thinking a combination of being a black cat with a name like Spaz didn't go over well with many. We should rename him something like Zen... maybe that'll help. He is a little crazy at times but such a sweet sweet cat with such an awesome personality. Poor little fella.

It's not a sad story in the end though. We were lucky enough to have friends who would take him in for the time we'll be gone. I'm at rest knowing he is in a good home. We know he'll be well loved there, we just hope he'll come out of his hiding spot soon enough.

This was taken this morning before we brought him over to their place. He loves jumping into boxes but this was the first time he found his way into a bag!


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