Sunday, April 23, 2006

Almost in Tibet!

We're now in Zhongdian at 3200m ... very very close to Tibet. Our trip into Zhongdian was an interesting one as we decided to ride with this lady who owns this little van/truck. She was heading in our direction so we flagged her down. It was funny because people would get in and out as we went through this town. At one point, this man handed this woman in the front seat a baby. About 30 minutes later we stop and the lady hands the baby over to the mother! Wow - what trust. That would never happen in Canada.

Zhongdian is another wonderful town in the province of Yunnan but it's freezing here! Last night it reached about 5 celsius ... not so great when heating doesn't exist here! Thank goodness they had electric blankets. We've both had a little bit of a headache from the altitude but nothing too bad so far. Hopefully it stays this way.

We're now applying for our permits (or Mao's visa as someone here puts it) into Tibet. Hopefully we'll be flying into Lhasa on Friday!!


At 4:57 PM, Anonymous A said...

Sounds like Tibet will be cinch after the past few days :-)

At 5:16 AM, Blogger Jenni said...

We hope so although we're not keeping our hopes up! Like I mentioned to Felix, the overlands there go through some pretty high terrain. Maybe we'll just stay in Lhasa :D


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